Making A Coffee Table Out Of A Tree Stump

How to Make a Handmade Natural Tree Stump Side Table

Making A Coffee Table Out Of A Tree Stump

Posted by Brye Ange on Friday, 16 April, 2021 15:21:25

Grab a 200 grit sandpaper to smooth the tree stump. 2 Paint the tree stump white (or whatever color you prefer). You can use ordinary spray paint as well as standard acrylic or other craft/wood-suitable paint.

How to Make a Tree Stump Coffee Table. Step 1: Find a Stump! Seek and ye shall find. Sadly, trees are frequently cut down, so keep your ears open for chainsaws! Keep in mind that if it's small, you can add a glass top or do a grouping of a few stumps. Step 2: Let it Dry! Even if the tree was dead, the wood will still have moisture in it.

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For a truly one of a kind, unique tree stump table, check out this illuminated option with resin filling. Doubling as a table and a night light of sorts, this piece will surely leave an impression on your guests. Find it at casamedicimodern on Etsy. Oak Tree Stump Table

I had had this tree stump side table project on my project list for a long time…almost a year, in fact! Because although it is an easy project, it takes a long time to complete. That's because you have to ensure your stump dries completely before you start working on it, and it can take anywhere from weeks to months for your stump to dry!

After Chester take the tree stump back to his workshop, he really gets to work on it. He first removes the bark, then starts contouring the sides, and cutting out the legs with a circular saw. Then, after a lot of sanding, Chester makes the final cut that gets the table to the exact size he needs.