“Gewiss sind das Sterne”


  Gewissheit, meiner grösster Feind. Und dabei sehnt es den Menschen stets nach Gewissheit. Wenn mir Gewissheit derart gegen den Magen geht, bin ich denn auch Mensch? Gewiss, ich bin mir selber auch zuwider, nur lernte ich zu scherzen. Aller Übel liegt Gewissheit zugrunde: Die Angst bei Kommendem, die Rache bei Verlorenem, die Hochmut bei…
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Vis ad omnia: free energy


  First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win. ― Gandhi Energy means power. Power means comfort. Comfort means time. Time means fulfilment. We live in a time where meaningful use of energy seems limited by natural resources. The scarcity of natural resources asks for its equal…
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Survival of the smartest


  Intelligence as the measure of intellect. Intelligence as capacity for understanding, abstraction or logic. Intelligence as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Intelligent. More intelligent. Most intelligent. Less intelligent. Least intelligent. Few words have such an judgemental and evaluative connotation as intelligence in our modern society permanently seeking for efficiency, structure…
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Double Sarcasm


  I know how stupid, literally ignorant and hateful, the average christian fundamentalist can look like, but, thanks to the world wide web, a recent entry showed some interesting ambiguity: the self-proclaimed adversaries, the atheist scepticists, are on war footing as well. The following example exhibits some theists arguing for their persuasion of evolution trough…
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Science: belief or truth


  Any sound scientific theory, whether of time or of any other concept, should in my opinion be based on the most workable philosophy of science: the positivist approach put forward by Karl Popper and others. According to this way of thinking, a scientific theory is a mathematical model that describes and codifies the observations…
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Psychedelicus remedium


  In scientific circles, the psychedelics have come back into fashion and one is conducting research into its beneficial effects again: Magic mushrooms can improve psychological health long term (Time Magazine, June 2011) LSD and other psychedelics not linked with mental health problems, analysis suggests (Science Daily, August 2013 Psychedelic Drugs Linked to Lower Risk…
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MBTI in a nutshell


  Let me show you how jungian typology looks like with some visual(s). However be aware that not all of them are that scientific nor that accurate, so please, take them with a grain of salt. Good summary of the MBTI:   The four temperaments (after the Keirsey Temperament Sorter):   Demographic repartition:   The 16…
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Beyond beauty and meaning


  Why is there such a gap between science and art when they stem from the same roots? Science tries to understand the world which is completely compromised of obvious beauty. Art tries to interprete the world which is fully compromised of hidden meaning. Both have got the same subject, the world, but viewed on…
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