Survival of the smartest


  Intelligence as the measure of intellect. Intelligence as capacity for understanding, abstraction or logic. Intelligence as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Intelligent. More intelligent. Most intelligent. Less intelligent. Least intelligent. Few words have such an judgemental and evaluative connotation as intelligence in our modern society permanently seeking for efficiency, structure…
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Double Sarcasm


  I know how stupid, literally ignorant and hateful, the average christian fundamentalist can look like, but, thanks to the world wide web, a recent entry showed some interesting ambiguity: the self-proclaimed adversaries, the atheist scepticists, are on war footing as well. The following example exhibits some theists arguing for their persuasion of evolution trough…
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Science: belief or truth


  Any sound scientific theory, whether of time or of any other concept, should in my opinion be based on the most workable philosophy of science: the positivist approach put forward by Karl Popper and others. According to this way of thinking, a scientific theory is a mathematical model that describes and codifies the observations…
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Der Grossinquisitor: Macht als Mittel


  Die Parabel des dostojewskischen Grossinquisitors stammt aus einem seiner letzten Romanen “Die Brüder Karamasow“. Es ist die Handlung einer fiktiven Geschichte, die der intellektuelle Iwan seinem asketischen Bruder Aljoscha in einem Gasthaus erzählt. Iwan offenbart ihm seine Ungläubigkeit durch das literarische Gleichnis, denn in ihm wurzelt ein atheistischer Skeptizismus und bringt in durch die…
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