Philosophy in a nutshell


  Contemporary understanding of philosophy, from everyday wisdom to academic treatise, has grown over time as understanding of culture has for instance. Understanding the underlying principles of a statement leads to diversified response and, furthermore, to contentual contestation. Thereby, all groundbreaking philosophical ideas stem from discourse and criticism of previous views. Historical development of philosophy,…
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Tree of knowledge


  Nothing seems as arcane, academic and sophisticated as philosophy, the discipline of questioning truth and meaning, life and world, and not whatsoever else. Long is the tradition of the philosophizing man, since the youngest day of human thinking, many thoughts about us and our environment have grown, the seemingly more valid ones grew bigger…
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“Gewiss sind das Sterne”


  Gewissheit, meiner grösster Feind. Und dabei sehnt es den Menschen stets nach Gewissheit. Wenn mir Gewissheit derart gegen den Magen geht, bin ich denn auch Mensch? Gewiss, ich bin mir selber auch zuwider, nur lernte ich zu scherzen. Aller Übel liegt Gewissheit zugrunde: Die Angst bei Kommendem, die Rache bei Verlorenem, die Hochmut bei…
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Hoeckel: Agone & Earthly


  Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream. – Khalil Gibran These frames from the past and bygone are made by Beth Hoeckel. All rights reserved.  

Survival of the smartest


  Intelligence as the measure of intellect. Intelligence as capacity for understanding, abstraction or logic. Intelligence as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Intelligent. More intelligent. Most intelligent. Less intelligent. Least intelligent. Few words have such an judgemental and evaluative connotation as intelligence in our modern society permanently seeking for efficiency, structure…
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MBTI in a nutshell


  Let me show you how jungian typology looks like with some visual(s). However be aware that not all of them are that scientific nor that accurate, so please, take them with a grain of salt. Good summary of the MBTI:   The four temperaments (after the Keirsey Temperament Sorter):   Demographic repartition:   The 16…
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