Disturbing freedom


  What often bothers me in everyday life is the normative barrier. One speaks of freedom of speech, and yet it has its limitations: Not every subject enjoys the same acceptance. Why is fundamental virtue such as curiosity, the desire to learn and to ask, punished with rejection and contempt? In a broader sense, why…
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Prodigy August Times


  Fashion passes, style remains. Likewise music comes and goes, only bullshit is forever. One of the most interesting artists in the field of music releases his long-awaited debut April 8th 2013. Its titel “Times“ is appropriately chosen, though indeed it seems to be timeless. David August has waited quite a long time, cancelling all…
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Beyond beauty and meaning


  Why is there such a gap between science and art when they stem from the same roots? Science tries to understand the world which is completely compromised of obvious beauty. Art tries to interprete the world which is fully compromised of hidden meaning. Both have got the same subject, the world, but viewed on…
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