Philosophy in a nutshell


  Contemporary understanding of philosophy, from everyday wisdom to academic treatise, has grown over time as understanding of culture has for instance. Understanding the underlying principles of a statement leads to diversified response and, furthermore, to contentual contestation. Thereby, all groundbreaking philosophical ideas stem from discourse and criticism of previous views. Historical development of philosophy,…
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Disturbing freedom


  What often bothers me in everyday life is the normative barrier. One speaks of freedom of speech, and yet it has its limitations: Not every subject enjoys the same acceptance. Why is fundamental virtue such as curiosity, the desire to learn and to ask, punished with rejection and contempt? In a broader sense, why…
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  Various philosophical attitudes and tendencies have been visualized in a plain and symbolic manner by the talented designer Genis Carreras. For the first time I see rather complicated concepts in a such appealing illustratory fashion. The so-called Philographics wake curiosity and interest: What are they actually standing for? Which one can I identify with?…
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