As travelers don’t know their destination in advance, so are this blog and its scope of content not strictly set in stone. And as travelers trust more their instinct than concrete planning, the scope is mainly driven by current mood and interest by the seeker, i.e. the author. Thus topics may (or may not) be more recurrent than others. However the following ones can be said to form the main discussion subjects:

- Poetry as a literal attempt to escape semantic conformity.

- Analysis of unusual medial titles coming from inspiring movies, video games or whatsoever else.

- Quoting classic literature or ancient people.

- Debating alternative, less-known ideas and theories about society and the world itself.

- Further outbreaks of quirky daydreams and disturbing ideas.


In order to keep a kind of structure throughout the quite disjointed topics there are four specific categories similar to the discussion subjected listed above.

  • Melodum: Poetry, art, culture and such.
  • Medium: Investigation, analysis, discussion and such.
  • Classicum: Literature, philosophy, ancient knowledge and such.
  • Novum: Alternative, unknown, disturbing and such.