Third World War: Already happening



Only now, at very least when threatening our daily humble self, the extent of the global economic divergence strikes Western, particularly European, awareness. The West feels unconformable when things aren’t going to their plan. Recently, the in the meantime somewhat old-fashioned conflict between the West and East, between the Alliance and Eurasia is the newest entry of constraint for the US-American empire: Russia is about to defy the West once more trough the Ukrainian insurgency. People are indignant, almost shocked due to the likely worsening of the diplomatic conditions and the associated military danger.

Everyone has an opinion about what the source of the conflict could be: false leadership, corrupt backdrop, power play, unjustified intervention, and so on. Surely, the real reasons might be way more complex and personal, but fact is: it had to happen somewhere, sometime. Our economic thirst for (limited) growth, (scarce) resources, (inequitable) power and, after all, for retention will cause conflict. And as long our need remains global, the conflict will be international. We, the Western developed societies, have to ask us what we inflict with our steadily growing consumption to the rest of the world. Emerging nations try to thrive and imitate our way of life, while Third World countries ask for some education and finances. It isn’t their fault if they still are left behind: It is in our interest to keep them behind! Ukraine wishes to thrive, and it interferes with distinct, diverging intents of their neighbours. I am likely to call our politicians hypocrites when they are supporting Ukrainian independence while knowing Europe will benefit more this way than out of a Russia dependent country. Politicians don’t care for people, they care for economics, and thus as long politics are about prestige, lobbying and influence.

War has changed its face: no trench warfare, no tank skirmish, but exploitation trough economics and information. Economics is about what one does and information about what one thinks. We do the accountant job while somewhere far away, some people weave our fashion. We think they are responsible for what they have got while somewhere far away, some people think if working hard enough they could achieve a better life. This way, direct military intervention is not necessary, as we keep doing slavish work. Sometimes the suppressing circumstances make for local insurrection, and as the recent past has shown, there always is a glorious saviour called the West, bringing them democracy and education, and ultimately peace. Having a several decades old tradition of redemption, the West knows how to offer peace trough economic dependence. Since the industrial revolution and at least since the fall of authoritarian Europe and the following creation of the United Nations, the world was united trough Western intervention and kept that way until today. Emerging and independent nations were shut down. Only few countries remained untouched, namely those big, scary and powerful nations like Russia, China or even Iran. Hopefully politicians and the media know how to keep them unpleasant and shallow: They threat our prosperity with nuclear weapons, productive economics and cultural disparity.

The hunt for welfare and its retention concerns everyone and this conflict of diverging interests is global. Thus is the current warfare: economically and globally grounded. Western authority is at stake. The coming time will show how modern society is going to assume its role.