Disturbing freedom



What often bothers me in everyday life is the normative barrier. One speaks of freedom of speech, and yet it has its limitations: Not every subject enjoys the same acceptance. Why is fundamental virtue such as curiosity, the desire to learn and to ask, punished with rejection and contempt? In a broader sense, why society time and again trough the eras takes their current state of knowledge for granted truth?

Even in these modern days of ubiquitous computing and globally interconnected communication, people show little concern for expansing their scope of view. Sometimes, society seems, at least to me, to be along behind and not to be prepared what the next step, trough technology and newly known consciousness, is up to. In other words, technology and knowledge outpace (by far) societies progression. The years and decades to come are critical in terms of the path humankind will take, and I fear that the lack for curiosity, fundamentally the lack of reinvention and of rediscovery of oneself, is possibly going to lead us, as the sum of everyone’s absence of concern for novelty, to a renewed downfall of man.

Surely, my words seem somewhat sweeping and excessive, but in the end, it comes to down to our ability to throw our dated luggage overboard and to take new perspectives into account, to adapt and reinvent ourself, briefly curiosity.

The following entries are controversial, or at least provocative, elements of a non-exhaustive listing of disregarded ideas, concepts, or theories. It is in no way a representative mirror of my own thoughts, but it should illustrate my point about the lack of curiosity. Feel free to suggest further ideas in the comment section.


– Anarchy, mutualism

– Astrology, influence of astronomy

– Alternative medecine, meditation

– Basic income, workplace paradigm

– Biodiversity as (an economic) value

– Centralized companies, monopoly

– Climate change denialism

– Conspiracies, all kind of

– Creationism, Intelligent Design

– Drug liberalization, thc/lsd

– Entomophagy, in-vitro meat

– Eugenics, family planning policy

– Free energy, cold fusion

– Freiwirtschaft, Georgism

– Genetic engineering, positive use of

– Hollow Earth hypothesis

– Honesty

– Infinite growth, paradigm change

– Interdisciplinary study of history

– Love as the answer, unconditional

– Meritocracy

– New World Order, Bilderberg

– Open source, abolition of intellectual rights

– Paleocontact hypothesis, ancient astronauts

– Proudhonism, possession is theft

– Revisionism, holocaust denial

– Scalar waves, Tesla technology

– Scientific racism

– Sexual diversity and education

– Steady State theory, eternality

– Ufology, extraterrestrial technology

– Weaponry, abolition of

– World unification, global peace


3 thoughts on “Disturbing freedom

  1. I did some brainstorming of my own. These lists do read like an amazing book index, don’t they…

    – Atlantis, (see also) Plato’s account
    – Beauty, human, preserving beautiful people(s)
    – Bible, biblical events and figures and their relation to actual history
    – Capitalism, merits of, Anarcho-capitalism
    – Central banking and interest on nothing (money)
    – Christianity as Paulinism
    – Christianity, Antisemitism within, Christianity as a response to Judaism
    – Christianity, differences between early beginnings and the Church today
    – Collective consciousness
    – Collective identities, artificial, negative
    – Common origins of languages and humanity
    – Coudenhove-Kalergi (both father and son) as (a) great philosopher(s)
    – Diversity, positive miscegenation
    – Fascism, the mass psychology of
    – Freemasonry as a modern religion and its political influence
    – Generationally(, Inter-) shared (inherited) memory
    – German and European history pre WWI, Holy Roman Empire, Germanic mythology
    – German suffering during and after WWII
    – God, definitions, especially non-anthropomorphic
    – Gottfried Feder and NS progressive economic theory
    – Humans as animals (training themselves)
    – Infinity of space and time, infinitely small particles, no beginning, no atom, atoms look like suns and galaxies
    – IQ, multiple intelligences
    – Judaism, the nobility of, working towards paradise on earth, practical idealism, hyper-ethics
    – Judaism, Zionism (Israeli crimes and nuclear weapons) as a root cause for modern antisemitism
    – Life as artwork, every human a responsible artist
    – Male emancipation, how women are more powerful than men (the political sphere is overrated)
    – Movies and TV as instruments for teaching ethics/morals
    – Perennialism, all religion(s) is/are the same
    – Perspectivism, every ideology is true, all words are lies, all actions crime, everything just
    – Positive conspiracies, good NWO, world peace
    – Positive surveillance, why and what do we want to hide (from)
    – Propaganda, positive
    – Psychopathy, Political Ponerology, psychopaths rule the world, “SJ-archy”
    – Race and humanity
    – Religion, belief, positive influences thereof on psyche and society
    – Revolution through philosophy (in post-modernity)
    – Sexes (genders) and their strengths and weaknesses
    – Sexology, the function of the orgasm
    – Sexuality, childhood, healthy ways of self-discovery
    – Transparency, open tax records, public income figures, etc.
    – Veganism and the crime of animal slaughter

  2. Thank you for your contribution. It appears to be an addition of good quality. Indeed, there is enough place and space for further ideas and indices.

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