Double Sarcasm



I know how stupid, literally ignorant and hateful, the average christian fundamentalist can look like, but, thanks to the world wide web, a recent entry showed some interesting ambiguity: the self-proclaimed adversaries, the atheist scepticists, are on war footing as well.

The following example exhibits some theists arguing for their persuasion of evolution trough convincing questions written on cupboard (on the left-hand side). An arguably funnily sarcastic guy, The Science of Sarcasm, “translated” them into plain sarcasm discrediting their capacity of discernment (on the right-hand side).

Your sympathy for his cause depends on your affinity towards today’s scientific consensus, your own acceptance for Darwinism, and, above all, your respect for theist belief. It isn’t about you choosing the right side, but about demonstrating the diversity of points-of-view, or, how I would preferably call it, perspectivism. In my opinion, the shown people aren’t necessarly arguing solely in favor of creationism, but rather what they associate with, be it the beauty in nature, the daily lived display of cosmic determinism, the interest for the impossible and the magical, the knowledge of absence of objective truth, and surely, the imagination of a long-bearded father overseeing the whole humankind. Perhaps, some theists even found their belief in their disregard for sciences as a objectifying, and dehumanizing force. They may be joking about people’s all-so-mighty knowledge. They may trust their instinctive, creationistic, simply artistic nature more than the imposing impersonal and corrupting truth. Some of them may be less dogmatic in the end than the current denouncing scepticist who takes his sceptic approach too seriously.

What really lacks in this discussion is acceptance (not tolerance!), sympathy and understanding, or formulated in a more universal sense, the dispute lacks the synthesis of humankinds driving forces. Even if peoples mind can be satisfied with objectivity, peoples heart will always crave for the unimaginable, the will to create. Unfortunately, the hearts voices tend to be incomprehensible, irrational and on crusade against his best friend, the mind, when thirsting for too long. So are people looking for unity and meaning in life: never they would sacrifice their imagination for a wee bit of pragmatism. If we want to find peace in this affair, let the the mind and the heart work together, let the scientist and the artists design together, and humankind will know a never-seen-before species of synthetic übermankind. Even the most fanatic and conservative people will bend in front of such beauty.

When looking at the following ignorant creationists, please, keep in mind, at least, some of my perspectivist words.
























Yes, the guy on the right-hand side sometimes seems even more “stupid”.


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