Prodigy August Times



Fashion passes, style remains. Likewise music comes and goes, only bullshit is forever.

One of the most interesting artists in the field of music releases his long-awaited debut April 8th 2013. Its titel “Times“ is appropriately chosen, though indeed it seems to be timeless.

David August has waited quite a long time, cancelling all gigs for a year to fulfill himself in his musical yearnings in a very personal album. It is an intimate production, realising his fanatic dedication, of which love in all its facettes is the main motive.

The listener will find his own emotional journey in it, starting with “Help me Through“, a journey leading to David August´s world and soul. It is a defined and compelling universe, offering quite a musical spectrum. The producer who has been trained in classical piano – he studies “Tonmeister” in Berlin at the moment – uses classical instruments of course, f.i. Clarinette in “Hommage“ – a logical step, it seems.

There is a widespread thought of crossover throughout the 14 tracks without being eclectic – the native of Hamburg has a very precise idea of a sound even apart from being played on the dancefloor.

“Times“ creates a warm and somewhat organic atmosphere, never dull or with cheap effects, and always to the point. One shivers listening to “Blossom“ with its piano parts, “Watch your step“ is an example of a groove-giant, “Until We shine“ is a fascinating vocal duet and „Forgive me if I bleed“ an epic Electronica- outro.

The artis´s voice is an instrument, too, perfectly suited to the overwhelmingly refined song sound structures. “Times“ is to be explored again and again, functioning on all levels, be it on the dancefloor, the living room or on earphones.

diynamic, hamburg